Improving the life-cycle value of buildings: Digitalization of performance-focused business
Tue, 01/03/2016
Wed, 28/03/2018
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The DIGIBUILD project will generate added value by combining concurrent strands of digital technology and operational knowledge business models that systematically target performance improvement. The goal is a performance driven business ecosystem where buildings and building systems in use are continuously improved and renewed to make use of best available solutions. The DIGIBUILD project will develop a roadmap on the design of systems and operational processes for the continuous improvement of the built environment. The project addresses the requirements for systems and processes as well as the principles of implementation. Specific attention is paid to institutional factors and established practices that prevent us from moving towards the vision of a business ecosystem delivering cumulative and continuous improvement of buildings as solutions in use. Instead of being a drain on resources and investment in the economy, operating and maintaining buildings in use is transformed by knowledge-based solution development to an engine of sustainable growth. The approach developed will when adopted in Finnish industry create a growing number of solutions that can be exported to other countries interested in leveraging resource efficiency for economic growth.